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Buying Avon with Jen Antunes

Looking for a way to buy your favorite Avon products? Look no further- Avon with Jen Antunes is here to provide you with quality customer service & a variety of ways to help you save money!

Benefits of Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes

As a customer of Jen Antunes, you have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits:


  • FREE HOME DELIVERY with your $40+ online order anywhere in the U.S.. If you live in the Springfield, MA area, you also can enjoy FREE REPRESENTATIVE DELIVERY even if you shop online! Don’t have a $40+ order & don’t live in Springfield, MA area? Check out the current FREE SHIPPING coupon codes at Avon Online Coupon Codes
  • Enjoy ORDER REWARDS when you place qualifying orders such as Big Spender Reward & Monthly Raffle. See below for current order rewards. 
  • Have opportunities to save money with CUSTOMER PROGRAMS like Avon Facebook Party & Avon Helper Savings Program.
  • Be a member of an *EXCLUSIVE* CUSTOMER ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP where you can purchase any of my on hand products at discounted price, enjoy exclusive offers & raffles for group members only, first to know/purchase *NEW* products & more. Click Here to request to join if you are an Avon with Jen Antunes customer.


  • REFER A FRIEND REWARDS for you & your friend when you share your love of Avon with those you know & they place an order or join our Avon team.
  • Receive a BIWEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER for up to date sales, promotional offers & information about Avon with Jen Antunes business as well as New Avon, LLC.
  • Learn about what’s the best skincare, makeup, health & wellness and more with FREE CONSULTATIONS from a trained Avon representative.
  • Ability to RAISE FUNDS FOR YOUR FAVORITE CAUSE with an Avon Fundraiser.
  • Have 100% 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all Avon products you purchase. Click here or image below to learn more.


To enjoy all of these benefits & more, register as an Avon customer by emailing Jen Antunes at or at You also will automatically be registered when you place an order with Jen Antunes or online at

Shop Avon Online at

Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes

Over the last few years, Avon has revamped their product line. On top of your favorite brands like Skin So Soft & Anew, you will find a variety of products such as the *NEW* health & wellness line with Espira and home decor products with Avon Home.  You will even find products for men!

Why bother with long lines, finding a parking space or dealing with grouchy people when you can shop Avon with Jen Antunes in the comfort of your own home & have it come right to your door! Learn all about how you can shop Avon with Jen Antunes online & ways for you to save on your next Avon order by checking out Benefits of Shopping Avon with Jen Antunes Online.

Shop Avon Online at

Receiving an Avon Brochure

Every customer who has placed an order within the last 3 campaigns (6 weeks), he/she will automatically receive an Avon brochure via mail or home delivery.

If you have not placed an order in the last 3 campaigns & would like the current Avon brochure, email Jen Antunes at

Not a customer & would like to receive the current Avon brochure? Register by emailing Jen Antunes at or register online at

Shop Avon Online at

Placing an Avon Order

There are 3 ways you can shop Avon with Jen Antunes:

  1. Shop Online Brochure
  2. Shop Online Store
  3. Shop Item Entry Form

Don’t like shopping online? Contact Jen Antunes with your order & payment method and she would be happy to submit the order online for you!

Shop Avon Online at

Paying for an Avon Order

Accepted online payments include:

  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Gift Cards that contain the MasterCard or Visa logo
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

NOTE: As a registered customer, you can enjoy faster checkout with ability to save up to 10 credit cards in your account. For your security, you will need to input the CID/CVV number each time you use that payment.

Accepted representative delivery payments include:

NOTE: Any payments by check that are returned, a $35 fee will be applied to your account and you will not be able to place an order with Jen Antunes, until balance has been cleared. 

Shop Avon Online at

Receiving an Avon Order

Depending on your location, there are 2 ways you can receive your Avon order:

  1. Direct Delivery for anywhere in the U.S.: Orders will be delivered within 4-7 business days for FREE with your $40+ order or you can click here for current FREE SHIPPING offers. Click here for current shipping & handling rates
  2. Representative Delivery for anyone in Springfield, MA area for FREE. Orders will be delivered every two weeks (within a week after campaign ends). If you are unsure if you qualify for Representative Delivery, email Jen Antunes at

Shop Avon Online at

Saving on Your Avon Order with Jen Antunes

Avon works to provide quality products at affordable prices through sales & special offers. On top of Avon’s amazing sales, you can enjoy even more savings with special customer programs as well as be appreciated with order rewards.

Ways to Save

Learn all about how to save on your next Avon order by checking out:

Avon Campaign 26 Brochure

Click Here or Image Above for Current Sales & Deals

Click Here or Image Above for Current Avon Outlet


Click Here or Images Above for Current Sales Flyers

To learn about more ways to save money, check out:

Shop Avon Online at

Order Rewards

As an Avon with Jen Antunes customer, you have the opportunity to enjoy rewards, with your qualifying orders. Here are the current rewards you can take advantage of when you shop Avon with Jen Antunes:

Monthly RaffleWith every $25 of Avon products ordered with Jen Antunes by December 3, 2018, automatically receive an entry into Avon with Jen Antunes Monthly Raffle for your chance to win a FREE 2018 Angel Pewter Ornament!

Avon with Jen Antunes November 2018 Monthly Raffle

To learn more, check out current Avon with Jen Antunes Monthly Raffle blog. 

Big Spender Reward: Receive a FREE full size product such as hand cream, lipstick, body wash & more with every $75+ Avon products ordered with Jen Antunes.

For questions, email Jen Antunes at

Shop Avon Online at

Social Media with Jen Antunes

For updates on sales, beauty tips, information on products & more, follow Avon with Jen Antunes on your favorite social media:

Shop Avon Online at

How Can I Help?

Have questions or concerns about buying Avon? Feel free to contact Jen Antunes at or complete the questionnaire below:

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