Welcome! Follow Jen Antunes as she juggles being a single mom of 4 boys and building a successful Avon online business. She became an Avon representative in August 2015 as a means of earning money and still be a stay at home mom. In 2018, Jen increased her online sales leading her to earning 2 FREE all inclusive trips to Maui, Hawaii and Los Cabos, Mexico. Through everything Jen has been through in the last few years personally, she loves being able to share her journey and the lessons she’s learning along the way as she continues to grow her Avon online business and be able to be a single work at home mom of her 4 amazing sons.

Jen Antunes Biography

Jen Antunes is the oldest of 4 from a hardworking Chicopee, MA family. Jen became a young mother, having her oldest son at 18. With the help & support of her family, she was able to still go to college & majored History and Education. In 2008, Jen got married and began her journey of raising a blended family. Though Jen never became a teacher, she applied her college education & experience of being the oldest of 4 towards raising her sons & her now grown stepchildren.


Jen worked outside the home until 2014 after having her gall bladder surgery and dealing with other health issues. She decided that it would be best for her & her family of 7 at the time, to stay home however, living on one income with such a large family was very hard. Jen had learned about Avon through a local mom & decided to give it a shot since it was an opportunity to earn money at still be home with the kids. What she never expected was how much she fell in love with it.

In 2016, Jen had a surprise pregnancy. Unlike her other pregnancies, she dealt with morning sickness throughout her whole pregnancy morning, noon and night. She decided that it was time for her to transition her business to be primarily online. In September, she started her blog Journey of an Avon Mom. She loved being able to share her knowledge with others as an Avon representative and a mom.

In 2018, Jen began to have health issues again, however, she was still able to grow her business at an astonishing rate thanks to her blogging and social media marketing. Her success however was tested in 2019 when her world as she knew it changed forever between her marriage ending and her fighting for her life against Advance Stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Thankfully, she is now in recovery and is a happy single mom who is focusing on creating an independent life for herself and her boys and getting back to doing the things she has loved since she was a little girl- Traveling, Reading and Writing.