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Tips on How to Use Avon Web Office for Online Business

Now a days so many people would rather shop online, especially during the holiday season, so having an e-Store available as an Avon representative will only help grow your business and earnings. As of Campaign 9’2017, representatives earn the same with online sales as they would with brochure (in person) sales. This allows representatives to earn even more money anytime, anywhere. As a result, representatives are able to create a business that they can work around their life & schedule even more so. Below, you will be able to learn about my favorites tools you, as an Avon representative, can take advantage of on youravon.com to help you manage your online business.

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Avon Web Office

As an Avon representative, you are offered a variety of tools that you can use to help you manage & grow your Avon business through youravon.com personal account. One area representatives have access to a variety of tools is through their Web Office. There you will find tools to help you not only manage your sales business but also promote your business to new & current customers. In the Web Office, you will find:

  • Customer Management Tools
  • Address Book
  • Customer Invoicing Tools
  • E-Store Management Tools
  • Marketing Tools and
  • Resources

Not sure on how to get to the Web Office? Once you sign on to your personal youravon.com account, in the top middle, you will see a tab labeled “Web Office”. Click on that tab & you will automatically be directed to your personal Web Office screen.

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Customizing Your Online Store

One of the most important tools Avon representatives have that Avon provides for FREE is their very own online store, also known as e-Store. This allows representatives to create an online business and have a place for them to reference customers or leads to for more information about their business. Your online customers can enjoy:  avon-in-shopping-cart

To learn all the benefits customers will be able to enjoy on your personal e-Store, check out Benefits of Shopping Avon Online

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Setting Up & Editing Your E-Store

When you register youravon.com account, you will be able to set up your e-Store at the same time. You will be able to create a personalized url or reference code. This will be found at the end of your e-Store link (http://www.youravon.com/your reference code) for customers to shop online. When you are creating an Avon team, this will also be what you give those looking to join your personal Avon team at www.startavon.com.

TIP: If you are providing a link via email or text message, I recommend providing the “Become a Representative” link found on your e-Store. When he/she uses that link to join Avon, they will automatically be linked to your Avon team. This is an easier way to ensure they are added to your team with minimal mistakes. 

When your e-Store is set up, it will have the basic format. One of the down sides of the Avon e-Store’s basic format is it is the same for all representatives. It’s a “cookie cutter” format in other words. However, through your Web Office, you can personalize your e-Store in 3 areas so you can provide the best service for online customers & have your online store stand out from other representatives. I highly recommend personalizing your e-Store because this will only help your online business grow.

1st. Editing your Welcome Screen


Edit My E-Store Icon

  • Sign on to youravon.com account
  • Click on Web Office Tab
  • Click “Edit my Online Store” box (1st big box) or go to “E-Store” drop down tab (5th option on top of Web Office screen) and then click on “Edit Your Store”.


In this screen you will be able to (choices are listed starting from top, left going to bottom right):

  • Edit English & Spanish version of your e-Store
  • Choose a background theme
  • Edit in “Advanced Options” with
    • changing your url a.k.a. reference code (I highly recommend not changing this except under special circumstances. This will minimize customer confusion)
    • view your meta tags
    • add your Google Analytics ID Edit Welcome Screen for eStore
  • Change your profile picture that will display throughout your e-Store by choosing a generic image provided or upload a personal photo
  • Edit your e-Store Display Name
  • Edit About Me section picture, contact information for customers to reach you, social media accounts and a personal message.
  • Edit your Header Message with generic Avon message or a personal message
  • Change 6 modules that provide information & quick access to other areas of your e-Store. You can choose between:
  • Link your social media accounts for customers to connect with you online



All you have to do to edit each of these options is click on the pencil where you would like to edit. When you are done, click “Save Changes”, if applicable. Any changes will be in affect right away.

The most important editing you can do is the “About Me” section. This is where you can create a very personalized look & let those who come across your e-Store online to get to know you & your business. You can do something short & sweet or you can create an elaborate message that has images, link to your Avon blog, information on how to join your team, coupon codes & more.

To see how to edit your e-Store, check out the YouTube Video from Avon representative Donna Filipiak below:

To check out my E-Store Welcome Screen, CLICK HERE

To check out my About Me section for ideas on what you can add to yours, CLICK HERE

2nd. Editing your “Personalization Tool”


  • Sign on to youravon.com account
  • Click on Web Office Tab
  • Go to “E-Store” drop down list (5th option on top of Web Office screen) and click on “Personalization Tool”.


There are 3 sections for you to go through in the Personalization Tool:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Customer Preferences
  3. Customer Invoicing


  • Editing Contact Information Tab:
    • Choose what contact information you would like listed on your customer invoices, your personal e-Store, Find a Rep tool on Avon’s website and Find a Rep tool through Avon’s customer service line.
      • The information will all ready be provided from what is listed on your profile. (To edit any contact information, you must go to your profile on youravon.com found on top right corner).
      • Decide what phone number, address, city & state, country & email address you would like to provide. DO NOT RECOMMEND PROVIDING YOUR STREET ADDRESS. Listing a city & state will help local customers find you, but customers do not need to know where you live.  
    • Provide a little information about yourself when someone uses the Avon Find a Rep tool on Avon’s website. Image result for avon find a rep
      • List languages you speak your primary language & any secondary languages you know. I highly recommend listing all the languages you speak so it will open the door for more potential customers, especially those who do not have English as their primary language.
      • Talk about your interests outside of Avon. Talk about what you like to do in your free time and what is important to you in English & Spanish.
      • Explain why you love selling Avon in English & Spanish.
    • Click “Save Changes”
  • Editing Customer Preferences
    • Choose type of automated emails you would like Avon to send your customers by clicking on the dot(s). You can choose Campaign Updates and/or Promotional Updates.
      • I recommend choosing one of the choices due to many customers may start unsubscribing and/or complaining about the over abundance of emails Avon sends when you choose both. I personally send my customers a campaign update email every two weeks. You can also take advantage of the Email Service Center in your Web Office (see below for more details).
    • Click on the dot with your preferred shipping options for your online customers. You can offer direct delivery only or both direct delivery & representative delivery. Image result for avon personalization tool
      • If you are creating an online business only then just choose direct delivery only. 
      • Representative delivery should only be used for local customers. This is a great option to provide customers who prefer to shop online however, do not have a large enough order to qualify for free shipping.
      • NOTE: If you receive an order via email, phone or social media from a customer out of state ALWAYS refer them to your e-Store for direct delivery service. Many times these are scams. If you are unsure, contact your upline or email me at avonantunes@gmail.com for guidance. 
  • Editing Customer Invoicing
    • To edit your service charge & tax rate percentage, type in the desired number in the provided box
      • It is up to you on how much you would like for customers to pay on service charge. Choose a service charge fee that best meets your business needs. The average rate representatives charge is $.75 as you will see that on Avon order forms. With shipping fees being raised earlier this year, many representatives have raised their service charge to at least $1 to help pay for the shipping fee. I personally charge $1.50 to help pay for order shipping fee, gas to deliver orders (I have some customers that live 20-30 minutes away) and mailing brochures since I have customers all over the country.
      • To find your state sales tax rate, CLICK HERE.
      • NOTE: It is your responsibility to collect the service charge & tax from representative delivery orders. You will be taxed when you place an order with Avon & the service charge helps you pay for expenses such as shipping fee, gas to deliver the orders and other expenses you may have to run your business. You will lose out on the amount of profit you will earn if you do not collect them. 
    • You can personalize what is on your customer invoicing by choosing yes or no next to each option:
      • Item’s campaign number
      • Promotional information customer’s took advantage of
      • Display item’s regular price
      • Display all of the customer’s phone numbers
      • Display the “Group Name” your customer is listed under in your Address Book.
      • Display an email request footer
    • For a message to be included in the bottom of your customer invoice, you can select an Avon created text or you can create a personal message.
      • This is a great place to write a thank you note. You can also add any other information you would like your customer’s to know like any special offers you are offering or a promotional offer customer’s can enjoy in an upcoming campaign.
    • Click “Save” button on the bottom of the screen.

To learn how to customize, create & print out customer invoices, check out the YouTube video below:

For printable instructions for creating customer invoices on youravon.com, CLICK HERE

NOTE: If at any point you would like to reset any of your changes, you can click on the reset button found next to the save button in each section.

 3rd. Edit Live Chat Preferences


  • Sign on to youravon.com account
  • Click on Web Office Tab
  • Go to “E-Store” drop down list (5th option on top of Web Office screen) and click on “Live Chat”.



Under the “Live Chat” preferences, you can activate your live chat on your e-Store, create a status message when you are offline and choose your preferred language.


When you are ready to activate “Live Chat” on your e-Store, all you have to do is click the “Activate Chat” button. Once you are active, a new window will pop stating “Waiting for Chat Requests”. Right above the button, you will see if it is on or off. Using the live chat on your e-Store will allow customers to be able to message you with any questions or concerns they may have as they browse your e-Store. This option would especially be helpful during a Facebook party. Once a customer messages you, you will hear a ping & a new window will pop up stating you have a new contact request.

When you are not able to be online or available for live chat, you can choose the Avon message saying you are not available or you can create your own personal message. If you are going to have specific day & time that you will be available for live chat, this is a great place to type it in so customers will know when you are available to chat live.

You have three choices when it comes to languages available for live chat:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Both

Once you are done with your changes, click on the “Submit” button found on the bottom right corner of the screen. If for some reason you change your mind, you can click on the “Cancel” button and none of the changes you made will be saved.

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Managing Your Online Business

In the Web Office on youravon.com, representatives are able to not only customize their online store but also manage & promote their online business. This helps representatives be able to run their online business in one area.

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Managing Online Orders & Customers

Avon representatives are automatically notified via email & Web Office once a customer has registered or placed an order on their online store.

bottom half of web office (2)

Once you receive the email notifying you have a new registered customer or online order:

  1. Sign on to youravon.com
  2. Click on “Web Office”
  3. Scroll down till you reach the “You Have” box
  4. Click on the item you like to review
    • New Customers (these are new customers who registered to your online store)
    • New Orders in cart (these are orders customers placed online for representative delivery)
    • Direct Delivery Orders (these are orders customers placed for direct delivery)
    • eCustomer Change Notice (these are customers who edited their registered account on your online store)
  5. New screen will pop up with list of names/orders for you to review

*NOTE: Image on right is from a format that is not available to U.S. representatives. 



Registered online customers will automatically be added to your “Address Book” on youravon.com account. When a customer register’s, he/she must supply their name, email address, phone number & shipping address. At that time they can choose whether or not they would like to receive email updates. If they choose not to receive email updates, Avon will notate that on their profile in the “Address Book”.

If you place customers under certain group names, all you have to do is edit their group name under the “Personal Info” tab found on their profile. All customers who are registered online will automatically be listed in “Online Customers” group.

When a new customer registers on my online store and has not placed an order yet, I will send them a “Welcome” email or letter depending on what contact information they provide. I give a quick introduction of myself, inform them on how they can place an order, provide a list of services I offer and let them know all the ways they can contact me with any questions or concerns they may have.


Each morning, Avon will send you an email with list of online orders you received the previous day (if you do not have any orders, you just won’t receive an email). In the email, Avon will provide you the customer(s) name(s), their phone number, email address & their order total(s).

Thank You For Choosing Avon

I highly recommend sending a thank you email to each customer who places an order online. This is a great way to show your appreciation and introduce yourself if he/she is a new customer. Even if a customer suppressed their email, you will still receive their email address (NOTE: This is not for you to send emails customer do not want to receive through your personal email provider. Respect the customer’s wishes & only send them a thank you email when they place an online order.) 

TIP: Create a “Thank You” email template that you can easily copy & paste. CLICK HERE for my online order thank you email template.

If a customer places an order on your online store and has not registered, I recommend adding their information to your “Address Book” on youravon.com. This will help you be able to track their orders when they place orders in the future. Plus, you want to ensure you have every customers’ contact information in one location to help you manage your business. Might as well be on your personal Avon account.


Image result for fortune is in the follow up avon

One way Avon helps grow your sales is by providing you a customer follow up tool found under “Customer Management” in your Web Office. There you will find a list of customers who have not placed an order in the last 3 campaigns. Under each customer’s name, you will have a list of items they ordered last time. This can help you see if there are any items they may need to replenish or share a promotional offer/sale that is going on with their favorite product(s) when you contact them. So you don’t have to leave the screen, the customer’s phone number & email address will be listed next to their name. Using this tool can help you provide the best customer service & show your customers you care.

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Sharing Your Online Business

There are 2 ways you can share your online business through your Web Office- Social Media Center & Email Center. When you use either of these tools, when someone clicks on the image provided, he/she will automatically be sent to your online store.

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Social Media Center

social-media center icon

In the Social Media Center, you will have access to a variety of posts, images & videos you can use on multiple social media networks. In using this tool, you are able to share your online business with just a few clicks. You can even download a cover image & Avon banner to let everyone know who clicks on your Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest  or Google+ profile that you are an Avon representative.



  1. Log in to youravon.com
  2.  Click on Web Office
  3. Click on Social Media Center Icon
  4. Click on “My SMC” found on top left of the Social Media Center.
  5. Click on the pencil next to your name.
  6. Upload your profile picture from your device or Facebook then click on Edit Badge.
  7. Click on the badge you’d like to use & then click save.
  8. Once it is saved, download your Avon banner photo to your device.
  9. Go to the Social Media website or app you would like to add the profile picture to & follow their directions on adding a profile picture from your device.


  1. Log in to youravon.com
  2.  Click on Web Office
  3. Click on Social Media Center Icon
  4. Click on “Essentials” tab
  5. Choose what image you would like to download (Cover images would be titled “Brand Your Social Pages with…”).
  6. Click on the social media icon you would like to add the cover image to & download the image the correct size for that given social media profile.
  7. Go to your social media profile & follow directions on how to change your cover image from an image on your device.
  8. Repeat Steps 3-5 until each of your desired social media profiles have the cover image you want.


  1. Log in to youravon.com
  2.  Click on Web Office
  3. Click on Social Media Center Icon
  4. Choose the image or video you would like to use
  5. Click on the social media icon you’d like to share it on.
  6. If not all ready completed, log in to your social media account. (Once you have signed in once you will not have to do it again)
  7. Add a personal message or you can use the Avon created message.
  8. Click Share

Like to see how your posts are doing? Check your stastics by clicking on “My SMC” in the Social Media Center on youravon.com.

TIP: Download the Avon Social Media Center App on your mobile device. Waiting in line? On vacation? Share your business online or via text message everywhere you go just as if you were at home with Avon’s Social Media Center App!

For more tips on sharing your Avon business on social media, check out Avon Selling Tips: Using Social Media

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Email Service Center

Share your business with professional looking emails created by Avon. It is recommended to send emails twice a campaign as a way to drive customers to your online store & help you increase your sales which in turn will increase your earnings. Remember, when you edited your e-Store Customer Preferences, you chose what emails you would like Avon to send your customers automatically. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are deciding which emails to send your customers.


Avon Email Service Center

  • Log in to youravon.com
  •  Click on Web Office
  • Click on Email Service Center Icon
  • Choose what type of email you would like to send
    • Campaign Emails announce that a given campaign is now available at your e-Store.
    • Featured Stories are all about special offers, sales & promotional offers available at that time.
    • General help you share your online store with a promo code online customers can use to save money & the Auto Replenish program that is available for select Anew Skincare bundles found only online.
  • Choose what email you would like to send. If you would like to preview the email before selecting one, all you have to is click on “Preview/Edit” found below each image of an email and then X out of that screen or click “Continue” when you are done.
  • Choose a subject line created by Avon or create your very own and if desired, add a personal message that will be found on the top part of your email. To view your email with added personal message, click on “Preview Email”.
  • When satisfied, click “Save & Continue”
  • Select the group of names in your address book or click on individual names you would like to send the email to
  • Choose if you would like to send immediately or schedule a time/date for it to be sent by clicking on the dot next to your choice.
  • Finally, click “Send Email”.

Once your email is sent, you will be able to see how well it was received by your customers when you check your history found on top left of the Email Center. Here you can see the latest emails you sent. To see how well they did, click on the report icon at the right of each email you sent for detailed information. You will learn how many customers opened the email, clicked on the email to go to your e-Store & more. If you want to check emails that have been sent during a certain period, you can scroll down to the bottom & run a report by selecting a date range.

Image result for avon web office tools

As you can see, Avon has provided some amazing tools to help representatives grow & manage their online business. Many representatives love the fact that they can create a business that fits around their life and Avon does it’s best to create tools to help them accomplish that. As an Avon representative you are provided with support, guidance & tools that will help you manage & grow your business so you are able to reach your goals & enjoy doing it along the way.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Have questions about using any of the tools mentioned in this blog?

Email Jen Antunes at avonantunes@gmail.com or comment below.


You can become an Avon representative by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

At that time you will be able to choose from 3 starter kits starting at $25. Each kit will have everything you need to start your very own Avon businessincluding brochures, full size products, samples, recruiting information & more. You can learn how to use your chosen starter kit to start a successful Avon business at Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representatives.

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

To learn more about starting your own Avon business, check out Sell Avon: How to Start & Avon Selling Tips: 2018 Starter Kit Tips for New Representatives.




Join our Avon team and have access to more tips & tricks on how you can create, build & maintain a successful Avon business. Make sure to follow my blog, Journey of an Avon Mom, for more tips & training to help you grow your Avon business.

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