TITLE IMAGE Benefits of Joining Avon as a Personal Shopper

Benefits of Joining Avon as a Personal Shopper

Are you a makeup fanatic & like to get your makeup at a discounted price?

On a strict budget & want to save money on your family’s bath & body products?

Do you absolutely love Avon, and if you could, order it ALL THE TIME, but can’t?

Shop Avon Here

Did you know that you can join Avon as a personal shopper & receive your purchases at a discounted price?

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Join Avon at with Reference Code: jantunes or CLICK HERE
  2. Register your account at
  3. Shop online through your personal account.
  4. Submit your order & receive a minimum 20% discount off your order.
  5. Order shipped directly to your home within 7 business days.

That’s it! It’s as easy as that.

Here is why you will want to take advantage of joining Avon as a personal shopper:

Receive a Discount on Your Order

Once you have joined Avon & are ready to place your 1st order, you can enjoy big savings with a 40% discount! Yes, that’s right…

40% Discount

No matter what size your order is, you will receive a 40% discount on your first order through your personal Avon account.

Email me at to learn how you can continue to receive 40% discount in the first 14 weeks of joining Avon

After you’ve placed your first order, you will automatically receive a discount based on your order size:


$0-$149.99 20%



30% 20%
$300-$499.99 35%



40% 20%
$925-$1574.99 45%





With Avon’s product line having a such a variety, you can do all of your gift shopping at a discounted price. There is something literally for everyone when you shop Avon brochure, mark. by Avon & Avon Living. You will find gifts for weddings, birthdays & even Christmas! This is a great way to not only save money on your favorite Avon products but also save on gifts you will need through out the year

Demo Prices for New Products

Campaign 1'2018

When you join Avon, you will have access to the Avon What’s New catalog. This is a demo book for Avon representatives. In there you will find information about new products & have a chance to purchase them at demo price up to 2 campaigns before they are released.

Another benefit in the  Avon What’s New is you will find discounted prices & bundle deals on popular products. This can help you save even more!

You can check out the latest  Avon What’s New & learn more about demo prices at Avon Campaign 1: What’s New.

Receive a Product Bundle When You Join Avon

Save money on full size products when you join Avon with your choice of 3 kits:




As you can see, no matter what kit you choose, you will SAVE MONEY!

See a kit you like but don’t want all the products? Give the products you don’t want to someone you know or sell it so you can receive back some of the money you spent!

Deals Central Access on Personal Account

Deal of the Day

One of the many benefits Avon representatives have access to on their personal account is Deals Central. This is located on the home screen once you log in. Each day, Avon will offer a new “Deal of the Day”. You will have an opportunity to purchase an Avon product at an incredibly reduced price. Many times you will also have an opportunity to enjoy shopping from a variety of products that are available at a much lower cost with other deal choices.

Flat Shipping Fee Based on Order Size

Once you have placed your order, you will be charged what Avon calls, a “One Time Fee” to process & ship your order:

$0-$149.99 $6 $10
$150-$299.99 $8 $12
$300-$499.99 $12 $15
$500+ $15 $19

Avon Advantage- Save on more then just Avon Products!

When you join Avon, you will have a chance to save money with other businesses that Avon has partnered up with such as:

  • Office Depot
  • MetLife Auto & Home Insurance
  • Dell
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile & more



Are you a part of local organization, active in your kids school or local church or enjoy helping others? With joining Avon, you can do  an Avon fundraiser to help those in  your local community or favorite cause. With an Avon fundraiser you can enjoy:

  • Receive 50% discount to allow you to donate all of the funds raised or lowered discount to help pay for supplies & tools to run the fundraiser
  • Funds available in as little as 3 weeks
  • Quality products everyone can use & afford
  • Able to offer the 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products sold
  • Can easily raise money just by sharing the easy to use flyer with those the participants know- family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  • No merchandise needed to be purchased upfront
  • Personal satisfaction in helping your local community or favorite cause.

To learn more about Avon Fundraisers and what the current fundraisers available are, check out my blog Avon Fundraisers.


Join my Avon team & you will be guaranteed full support to help you save the most money possible & to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Like to Receive More of a Discount?

Did you know that you can receive even more of a discount just by sharing your FREE e-Store with those you know?

When you register your personal Avon account, you can create your very own e-Store for FREE. Share your e-Store link with friends & family and when they place an order, you will receive a credit on your account based on their order size (just like your discount chart).


$0-$149.99 20%



30% 20%
$300-$499.99 35%



40% 20%
$925-$1574.99 45%





You can receive an even bigger discount when you order the same campaign as your friends & family who place an order. For example:

  • Mom places $50 order
  • Best Friend places $25 order
  • Co Worker places $75 order
  • You place $100 order

Your “order total size” for that campaign= $250


That means you will receive 30% credit on your family & friends orders & 30% discount on your order.

  • CREDIT: $45
  • DISCOUNT: $30 off

Can you imagine how great this savings will be during the holiday season! I know being a mom of 5 boys, this type of savings is a life saver.

If you’d like to learn more about receiving credit on your order or have any questions, please feel free to email me at

How to Join Avon as a Personal Shopper

Like to join Avon as a personal shopper? AWESOME! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to & use Reference Code: jantunes or CLICK HERE
  2. Choose your kit you’d like starting at $25
  3. Register your personal Avon account at

That is it! You are all set to go to place your first order!

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

Have questions about anything you just read about or about Buying/Selling Avon?

Email Jen Antunes at

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As a representative of my Avon team, The Rising Stars, you will have access to more tips & tricks on running a successful Avon business that can work around your schedule. Plus be connected with other Representatives & see how they are running a successful Avon business.

Join today at with Reference Code: jantunes.

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

How Can I Help You?

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