Title Image My Top 3 Avon Recruiting Tips

AvonMom’s Top 3 Avon Recruiting Tips

Recruiting is a vital part of an Avon representative’s leadership responsibilities. Weather you are just starting or are all ready a part of Avon Advanced Leadership Program, these tips can help you.

Below are three ways of recruiting that I have found the most useful & had the most success in growing my own Avon team.

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Using Social Mediading dong Avon is recruiting

One of the easiest ways to recruit new representatives onto your team is by sharing the Avon opportunity on your social media on a regular basis. With social media, you can reach people not only in your local area, but all across the country.

TIP: Use key hashtags so when people do a search they will be linked to your information. Use hashtags like #WAHM, #BeYourOwnBoss, #SmallBusiness #WorkatHome, #HomeBusiness, #EarnMoney, etc. 

Yes! Avon Can Be the Answer

When you are sharing the Avon opportunity online, make sure to put the website & your personal reference code so people can quickly click on the link & start the process if they so choose. What has helped me is that I also add in the post for people to message me or comment below if they have questions or concerns. Many times, people want to speak with someone before jumping in & starting their own Avon business. This helps minimize any concerns they may have & gives them the reassurance they may need to make the decision to join. So make sure that you are able to follow up on your social media accounts. You can do this by downloading the apps on your phone & having the notification alarms on so anytime someone comments or messages you, you will be notified.

TIP: Share the Avon opportunity on multiple social media accounts & let people see how much you love being an Avon representativeYou can show how you are able to implement your Avon business within your daily life or how your Avon money paid for your vacation or your new roof. I’ve even shared my $200 grocery receipt and how my Avon money helped put food on my family’s table!

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Brochure Recruiting Flyers Stroke of Genius

Placing a recruiting flyer in every single one of your Avon brochures, every single campaign is highly recommended by all top Avon representatives. This is especially key if you are placing brochures through out town or tossing them. You never know who may grab your brochure & is not only looking for an Avon Lady but a way to earn money as well. Make sure your recruiting flyer not only has the website & your personal reference code, but your contact information (phone & email) so people can contact you if they have any questions or need help joining.

You may be wondering why you need to keep putting a recruiting flyer in your customer’s brochures every campaign. The reason why is you never know when someone’s situation may change. They may not need to make money when they start receiving your brochures. They may not need to earn money even for a while but 6 months or even years down the line, their financial situation or needs may change. So keep reminding them that they can earn money with Avon.

Wow! Benefits

TIP: Talk to your customers who purchase a lot of Avon from you by letting them know that they can save even more money by joining your Avon team. People can join Avon as a representative as a personal shopper. For example, top Avon representative Lisa Scola made President’s Club her first year as a personal shopper. As you can see, this is one way you can help them save money, especially during the holidays when they are more likely to spend a lot more money.

My Favorite Recruiting Flyers

7 Reasons You’ll Want to Say Yes! to Avon

How You Can Get Avon for Free

5 Reasons You’ll Love Having Your Own Business

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Try It Kits

Give Avon a Try

One of the most popular recruiting tools I use is my FREE Try It Kits. Basically what the kit does is give your recruit an opportunity to try out being an Avon representative before joining. It’s a great way to let people who are unsure about joining Avon see first hand if it’s worth it to them.

TIP: Offer a Try It Kit for those who say they want to join but can’t afford the starter kit. They can use the profit from the orders the collect from the kit to purchase their starter kit. Then they can use those orders for their first campaign. Remember they will earn 40% no matter what size their first order is so all they need to collect is $80 in orders for the $25 kit. 

My Try It Kits contain:

When I have events or parties I always bring a few try it kits to hand out to anyone who shows interest in joining my Avon team.  It’s a great way to introduce people to being an Avon representative with minimal pressure. Let’s face it, more people are willing to try something if it’s FREE.

Anyone who receives a Try It Kit is given the option to give the orders they do collect to me for a discount or FREE Avon products in exchange. If for some reason they choose not to join my team, but would like to get a discount on their Avon, I explain that they can continue to get a discount like they just got by becoming my Avon Helper. Basically they will receive a percentage discount based on the orders in total they bring me. The percentage they earn is similar to the Avon earnings chart, however, it isn’t as much.

Be My Holiday Helper

What I do differently compared to other representatives who have helpers, is I allow mine to “bank” their discount. This encourages my helpers to continually bring me orders regardless if they have an order or not. The most my helpers can get a discount off their order though is 50%, regardless of what they have banked. So if they have more banked then what their order is, they can only use up to 50% of their order total (including taxes & fees).

FYI I base the total orders given to me pre-tax & processing fees & discount after taxes & processing fee.

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What You Earn When You Recruit

Avon Advanced Leadership Logo

Regardless of what level you are in Advanced Leadership, each time a recruit joins your team, you have an opportunity to earn additional money. Participating in Avon Advanced Leadership gives Avon representatives an opportunity to earn residual income on top of their sales earnings. If you are looking to create a business that will produce full time income, participating in Avon Advanced Leadership is the way to go.

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Recruiting Bonus

For each recruit who places a $150 order by their 2nd campaign, you will earn a $20 recruiting bonus ($50 recruiting bonus if you are in your first 7 campaigns). There is no cap to how many recruiting bonuses you can receive in any given campaign or sales year. The more you recruit who place a $150 order by their 2nd campaign, the more you will earn.

Be You tiful

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Sponsoring Bonus

The sponsoring bonus allows you to earn 3% earnings each time a recruit who has joined your team as of Campaign 4’2017 places an order. You must place a $50+ order in the same campaign to qualify to receive the Sponsoring Bonus.

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Leadership Checks & Leadership Bonuses

when women support each other

Once you have reached Ambassador Level in leadership, you will begin to qualify for leadership checks & leadership bonuses. Each campaign you & your team qualifies at Ambassador level or above, you will receive leadership checks once the campaign closes.

Leadership bonuses consist of Promotion Bonus, Mentor Bonus, Gold Leader Bonus & Executive Leader Bonus. All leadership titles Ambassador & above can qualify to receive Promotion & Mentor Bonuses. Once you have reached the Executive Leader in Leadership Title, you can then begin to qualify for Gold Leader Bonus & Executive Leader Bonus.

  • Promotion Bonus is earned once you have reached a new level in leadership starting at $500. You will receive 25% of your bonus for the first 4/5 campaigns you qualify with one campaign grace period allowed.
  • Mentor Bonus starting at $250 is earned when a member of your down line receives a Promotion Bonus. You must title, however, the same or above as he/she is promoted to.
  • Gold Leader Bonus is based on Generation 1’s Gold Leaders achievements.
  • The Executive Leader Bonus is received when each of your Generation 1 Gold Leaders perform. You will receive $150 bonus for the first one & $50 for the next 5 which will total up to $400 bonus.

To learn more about Avon Advanced Leadership & how you can earn money, bonuses & incentives in leadership, check out Avon Advanced Leadership Program.

Click Here to check out all the ways you can earn money with Avon as a representative.

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How to Sign Someone Up on Your Team

Sell Avon Become an Avon Rep

If you have someone ready to join Avon & your team, all you have to do is provide them with is the website ( & your personal reference code. Your personal reference code is the ending after “/” from your e-Store link.

For example: My e-Store link is

My reference code is jantunes.

You can also provide them the link from your e-Store where it says “Sell Avon” on the Welcome Screen or “Become an Avon Representative” found on top corner of your e-Store website. When a recruit uses either of these links, they should automatically be linked to your reference code adding them to your team, however, I always provide my reference code for just in case.

If a recruit does not use your reference code or is for some reason linked to a different representative, call Avon right away to correct this so you do not miss out on your bonus & earnings and your recruit is able to be linked under you as he/she wishes. 

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

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As a representative of my Avon team, The Rising Stars, you will have access to more tips & tricks on running a successful Avon business that can work around your schedule. Plus be connected with other Representatives & see how they are running a successful Avon business.

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