Avon Sales LeadershipAvon Advanced Leadership Program

Are you looking for a way to earn more money in your Avon business? How does bonuses, recognition & incentives sound? With Avon’s leadership program representatives have the opportunity to grow their business & income by sharing the opportunity with others & helping them grow their business.

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Advanced Leadership Titles

Leadership titles are broken up into 4 categories with levels in each. In order to move up in leadership title, your team must meet certain qualifications.

Vocabulary Lesson: 

  • Generation 1 (G1) are recruits who join directly under you (they used your Reference Code)


Personal Sales G1 Orders Total Team Sales G1 Silver Ambass-ador

G1 Gold Leader


$50 1

Star Promoter



Bronze Ambass-ador

$200 3


Silver Ambass-ador

$200 6


Gold Ambass-ador

$200 9


Bronze Leader

$200 10 $8,000


Silver Leader

$200 10 $12,500


Gold Leader

$200 10 $20,000


Bronze Executive Leader

$200 10 $40,000 2


Silver Executive Leader

$200 10 $100,000 2


Gold Executive Leader $200 10 $200,000 2


Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Advanced Leadership Earnings & Bonuses

2017 Advanced Leadership Earnings ChartRecruiting Bonus

Receive $20 ($50 if you are a Kickstart participant) for each recruit who places a $150 order in their 1st or 2nd campaign.

Sponsoring Bonus

Receive 3% earnings for the life of each Generation 1 representative that joined your team as of Campaign 4 that places an order.

Promotion Bonus

When promoted to new title, receive 25% of the bonus each time you meet qualifications in the first 4 out of 5 campaigns, with one campaign grace period allowed.

Mentor Bonus

When Generation 1 representative is promoted to a new title, receive 25% of the bonus each time they meet qualifications in the first 4 out of 5 campaigns, with one campaign grace period allowed.

* You must be titled the same or higher as the representative

Leadership Checks

Receive percentage of team sales based on your title & the generation representatives fall under. The higher you title, the higher the percentage & the more generations you can earn from. See earnings chart above for specifics on each titles earnings.

Gold Leader Generation 1 Bonus

Once you have reached Executive Leader Title, you will begin to receive Gold Leader Generation 1 Bonuses each campaign you qualify for that title. The bonus is a percentage of your Gold Leaders’ in Generation 1 achievements.

Executive Leader Cash Bonus

Receive up to $400 Bonus when Generation 1 Gold Leader performs! $150 for the first Generation 1 Gold Leader & $50 for the next 5 Generation 1 Gold Leaders who perform.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Advanced Leadership Incentives

Leadership Incentives New Ways to Earn More Money as You Grow Your Team

One of the best aspects of being an Avon representative is the ability to increase your earnings & rewards when you meet an incentive. Incentive rewards can include free Avon products, free business tools, extra money, free trips & more.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Here is a list of the current incentives Avon representatives can take advantage of in leadership:

Boss Life Business Bling Campaign 14 – Campaign 17 (16-19 TS) 2017


Earn cool prizes to help you build and accessorize your Boss Life business by recruiting and having your first generation Representatives place orders.

What You Earn:

Each campaign you qualify, you will receive that given campaign prize:

  • Campaign 14: 72″ Avon logo tablecloth ($40 value)
  • Campaign 15: Compact portable PA speaker with LED display, remote control & built in FM radio ($55 value)
  • Campaign 16: Avon branded nesting cubes ($40 value)
  • Campaign 17: Avon logo backdrop ($59.95 value)

Bonus Reward:

  • Bronze Ambassador- Bronze Leader earn $120 value “Show & Build” bundle that includes:
    • Avon apron
    • Avon free sample arrow sign
    • Personalized Avon car window decal
    • (10) Avon buttons
    • (24) Boss Life balloons
    • (100) Perfume blotters
    • Brochure holder
  • Gold Leader & above earn the latest model of the 32 GB Apple iPad with WiFi & Avon branded iPad case valued at $350.

Available To:

All Leadership Representatives

How to Earn Incentives:

Each campaign you must:

  • Recruit 1 new personal qualified Kickstart representative
  • Have 66% of your 1st Generation place an order

Receive BONUS REWARD when you qualify minimum 3 out of the 4 campaigns!

Avon or ALMA generated leads are not qualified. A qualified personal recruit must place $150+ order by their 2nd campaign within the incentive period. 

* Prizes will be mailed directly to your home address listed on your account.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Lead to Achieve Campaign 14 – Campaign 16 (16-18 TS) 2017


Earn 1st generation representatives who do not currently have leaders by recruiting Qualified Kickstart Representatives.

What You Earn:

You will earn a share towards the pool of representatives who do not currently have an upline (leader) for each personal source Qualified Kickstart Representative.

The value of a share will be determined by the number of representatives who need a leader divided by the total number of shares participating leaders earned.

For example:

If there were 5,000 Qualified New Recruits enrolled during incentive period by participating leaders and there are 40,000 unattached representatives, then each share would equal 8 representatives. If you recruited 5 Qualified New Recruits during the incentive period, you would receive 40 representatives attached to your team. 

Available To:

Bronze Ambassador & Above

How to Earn Incentive:

  1. In order to participate, you must agree to follow the Avon Leadership Philosophy & commit to supporting your team. Participating Leaders must sign up by clicking here.
  2. Recruit as many personal source Qualified Kickstart Representatives during incentive period.
  3. Follow through on Avon Leadership Philosophy & supporting your team.

Avon or ALMA generated leads are not qualified. A qualified personal recruit from a personal source must place $150+ order by their 2nd campaign within the incentive period. 

All nested representatives will be assigned to leader’s first generation and will be randomly assigned based on location & language. 

Avon has the right to remove nested representatives if leader does not meet Avon Leadership Philosophy Agreement & is committed to supporting his/her team. 

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

Avon Leadership Tools


As an Avon Leader, you are provided additional tools to help you grow & manage your business & team.  Here is a list of some of the tools you can find on youravon.com

Roadmap Calendars

Each month, Avon creates a calendar to help leaders know what is going on for each RPS on any given day & when each campaign’s final update is. This is a great tool to have when you have representatives in your downline with different RPS calendars.

Tent Cards & Recruiting Flyers

Advertise your business everywhere you go with all ready made table tent cards & flyers. All you have to do is print them out & put them to use! Make sure to add your information on there so people know who to contact.

(You can purchase tent card holders from Town & Country for $4.95).


VIBE for sales leaders

Online tool to help you work with your team & manage your leadership business in one place.  With VIBE, you will be able to:

  • Strengthen relationships with every contact by keeping all your notes in one place, create follow up tasks & personalize activities so you’ll know exactly what you need to do each day to build your business.
  • Clearly see your progress & what you need to do to reach the next level of leadership.
  • Use reports to help you determine how to divide up your time following up with & recognizing your team members. You can customize them any way you want!
  • Work your business anywhere & everywhere you go by using VIBE on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

ALMA & Leads Sharing Program


Once you have reached Ambassador level in leadership, you will be able to take advantage of this amazing Leads tool that will not only help you manage your leads, but also give you leads through the Leads Sharing Program. For a small fee, you can purchase premium leads. With this tool, you’ll be able to grow your team like never before!

Mentor Tools

Have everything you need to help support & mentor your team with all the amazing Mentor Tools on youravon.com. There you will find information about being a mentor, information about new representatives, communication guidelines, link to new representative training & more.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

What it Means to Be a Mentor

Being a mentor is all about working with your team & guiding new representatives as they start their new business. It is all centered around being a support to your representatives through guidance, inspiration & motivation. You can create a team that works your business together to be system of support for one another. Anyone who recruits a new representative can be a Mentor.

If you, yourself are a new representative, talk to your upline or District Sales Manager so he/she can show you how to be a mentor & resource.

Inspiring Work, empowering others

As a Mentor you will:

  • Build personal relationships with each members of your downline so you will be able to know how best to support them.
  • Share what you know & be a role model so new representatives can learn through your experience as well as their own as they work to grow their business.
  • Be ready to help guide your downline for solutions & training tools that will help her grow as a representative.
  • Celebrate every success with each team member so they can continue to be motivated & proud of the work they are doing. Everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work!

For more information on being a Mentor, check out the Mentor Guide found on youravon.com.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

How to Join Avon

To become an Avon Leader, you must be an Avon representative. You can become a representative by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

At that time you will be able to choose from 3 starter kits starting at $25. Each kit will have everything you need to start your very own Avon business including brochures, full size products, recruiting materials & more. To learn how you can use your starter kit to start your Avon business, check out 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips.

To learn more about starting your own Avon business, check out Sell Avon: How to Start.

Become an Avon Representative & Lead a Team to Success



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As a representative of my Avon team, The Rising Stars, you will have access to more tips & tricks on running a successful Avon business that can work around your schedule. Plus be connected with other Representatives & see how they are running a successful Avon business.

Join today at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

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