Avon Mom’s Top 3 Favorite Social Media Networks to Grow Online Business

Social media has sky rocketed in the last ten years at an unbelievable rate & has allowed everyone who has access to the internet to create & share information with millions of people world wide in virtual communities & networks. (Social Media on Wikipedia, 2017) As a small business owner, social media has allowed me to reach a larger number of people that I may not otherwise have reached. Being a busy mom of 5 boys ranging from 14 to under a year, I need to share my business with the highest amount of people with as minimal of work & time as possible. Social media helps me accomplish this & my business has grown with brochure orders as well as online since I have increased my presence on multiple social media networks. Below you will find tips & tricks I have learned along the way with three of my top social media networks along with two tools I use to share on all of my social media profiles.

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My Top 3 Social Media Networks

I share my business on multiple social media networks & my business continues to grow as a result. Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are my top 3 social media networks that I personally have had the most success with.


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Facebook is a for profit social network service that was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg & his Harvard roommates” (Facebook on Wikipedia, 2017)- as we all saw in the movie The Social Network. Since 2004, it has become popular with not only college students as it was originally intended for. Now you will see people of all ages with Facebook profiles due to the ease of staying in touch with those you know all over the world. “As of January 2017, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide & was the first to surpass 1 billion registered accounts” (Statistics Portal, 2017). As an Avon representative, Facebook is an amazing platform to share your business with an astronomical number of people.

With Facebook, there is a variety of ways you can share your business with others:

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The first online presence I ever did with my business was on my personal Facebook page. As a new representative, the first place you share your business is with your warm market, those you know personally. With family & friends across the country the quickest & fastest way for me to let everyone know I was open for business was to share on Facebook. Though I keep my profile private, I share anything related to my business public so if anyone comes across my page they will see that I am an Avon representative there to help them out.

TIP: Make sure to be careful on what you post on your personal page- even if it is private. You are in business for yourself & for those who do not know you personally, they are not going to want to do business with someone who is always mad or drama filled. You are better off safe then sorry. You need to always remember when you are online & in public you need to hold yourself in a professional manner.

On your personal page it is important to have more then just Avon posts. Let others get to know you outside of your Avon business & see what you are all about. The more personable you can be, the more customers will flock to you.

TIP: Share a variety of posts to keep people interested in your page. The recommended post ratio they say to share is 1 Sell: 1 Recruit: 1 Personal. Personal does not have to be about how many times you used the bathroom that day (hehehe). You can easily share a quote that means something to you or share how your kids made the honor roll. Just let those who view your personal profile see that there is a reason why you are an Avon representative & provide them a way to feel connected with you. 

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In order to have a place for my customers to go to learn all about my business, I created an Avon business page on Facebook. Here is how you can create one on your Facebook account:

  1. On your home screen, on top right click drop menu with arrow pointing down & then click “Create Page”.
  2. Choose Local Business or Place.
  3. Choose Category, create your business name (Mine is Avon with Jen Antunes), street name for address (you will be able to remove it later if you choose), choose city & state, write phone number customers can contact you on.
  4. Follow page tips. I recommend adding profile picture, cover photo, short description, create a username, create action button (I use Shop Now so it leads them right to my e-Store), add website, add a couple posts for viewers to have something to look at right away.
  5. Invite friends to like your page & share your page on your profile.

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  • You can have an “Action Button” for viewers to use!
  • Track number of Action Button Clicks, views, website clicks, post engagement & more!
  • People can message you on your business page.
  • Customers can write reviews & comment on your business page.
  • You can add services you provide like skincare consultations, fundraisers, parties & what ever other services you provide your customers. You can see what services I offer my customers by clicking here.
  • Have a tab for customers to shop on hand products.
  • Have more options on types of posts you can create such as advertising your business, create an offer & more.
  • You can create notes for viewers to learn more about your business. I created notes about the Avon opportunity & benefits of being my Avon customer.

TIP: Take advantage of the additional options you have like creating an offer. You can create offer posts from Avon’s offers or you can create your own offers that your online customers can take advantage of. When customers go to your page or scroll down their news feed it will stand out from other posts & when they click on “Get Offer”, they will be directed right to the web address your provide.

Creating a business page not only provides a place for customers to learn about your business & the services you offer but it also looks professional. You can make your page more useful to your customers by providing beauty tips, sharing makeup tutorials or even blogs. You can find a variety of information you can share right online, your e-Store & on YouTube. You can also create a blog that provides useful information for your customers.

To learn how to create a blog & how to increase your online sales check out Avon Selling Tips: Growing Avon Business Online with a Blog.

You can check out my Facebook business page Avon with Jen Antunes at www.facebook.com/avonwithjenantunes.

TIP: Use the banner profile picture from Avon’s Social Media Center on your personal profile picture & your business profile picture. This will help customers connect you with your business. See below how to download a profile banner picture.

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One of the fun things you can do with your business on Facebook is parties. Facebook Parties are the latest trends not only with Avon representatives, but with other direct sellers as well. It is a fun, creative & easy way to grow your online business in a short period of time.

To learn more about Facebook Parties, check out Avon Facebook Party.

TIP: Don’t have someone interested in hosting a Facebook party? Let everyone you know see how fun it is by doing a Mystery Host Facebook Party. Invite all of your Facebook friends & have your guests earn points. The guest with the most points is nominated the Mystery Host. You can also just randomly choose a Mystery Host from the guest list (those who R.S.V.P.). Just starting your business? Do a Facebook Launch Party. Introduce your business to your friends & family with a bang!

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The hottest thing on Facebook right now is the Marketplace. People are able to sell through Facebook in their local area. For Avon representatives, this is a great way to sell your products you have on hand.

Tip: When any one messages you about an Avon product you are selling, make sure to ask if they have an Avon representative & if they don’t ask if they’d like to receive a FREE brochure sent to their home every two weeks. I have gotten a lot of my new customers through this in the last few months! If someone does purchase one of your in stock products? Make sure to place a brochure with their purchase when you deliver it!

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There are two ways you can go about Facebook Groups:

  1. You can join groups that involve selling Avon, advertising small business, events for your local area & more.
  2. You can create groups for people to join that will provide you a place to advertise & share your business. You can also use group pages for your team. This is a great tool to share tips with them, give recognition to team members & provide tools for your downline to take advantage of.

TIP: Create personalized groups for just your customers to be apart of like Jewelry Club or a group page for just your stock products. This helps customers feel special that they are apart of an exclusive group just for them & it helps you target advertisement on a specific area of your business.

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Advertising on Instagram

Image result for instagramInstagram is a simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family”. (Instagram, 2017) At first, I really didn’t advertise much on Instagram. I honestly didn’t think it was worth my time. Once I added my Instagram profile to Buffer and began to share images & videos about my business on a daily basis, I began receiving amazing feedback right away. My followers increased drastically & I even got requests on more information about my business.

TIP: Increase audience to your images through hashtags that are meaningful to them & relate to your image. My most popular hashtags are #earnmoney #WAHM #freeAvon. 

Convert your Instagram profile to a business profile & get more tools through the Instagram app. “With a business profile you can attach your Facebook business page, viewers can view your contact information, you can get tracking information about your posts & you have the ability to promote your posts to a wider audience for a small fee”. (Instagram Business Page, 2017)

TIP: Instagram is a great way to show how you can incorporate your Avon business in your daily life & have viewers see you as more then a business person. Share pictures of how happy you are when you are out making deliveries. Let people see you have fun with your business at events. Show viewers how you are able to do more at home with your family because of the Avon Opportunity

Did you know that you can share your Instagram images on other social media networks? This is a great way to get more viewers on your Instagram page & bring attention to your other social media pages.

Image result for instagram app

In the Instagram app, people can message you. This is a great tool to use when you post recruiting images & you can advise people to message you to learn more about it. In doing this, it gives you the opportunity to find what the person’s wants or needs are & be able to provide a personalize explanation of the Avon opportunity that will meet their wants or needs.

TIP: Offer a FREE Monthly Sample Club. Send 1-2 product samples each month to X number of people & ask them to complete a review. That’s all they have to do to remain a member. Add them to your address book on youravon.com so they start receiving emails from your e-Store. Send a brochure each month with their sample & plenty of samples for them to try at least 1 week. This is a great way to get more people to learn about your business each month & gives you a way to learn about what people think of Avon products, especially when new products come out. 

You can check out my Instagram profile at www.instagram.com/jant813

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Advertising on Pinterest

Image result for pinterest

Pinterest is a place where people can find & save information, tips & more. This is a great place to share Avon products & information about the products. You can also use Pinterest as a way to share tools to your team.

Organize your Pinterest profile with boards. This will help viewers find the products they are looking for. Create boards like “New Arrivals with Avon” or “Free Shipping with Avon“. Boards like these are ones viewers will like to follow because they will want to be updated each time you add to them. In doing this, it will keep interest on your page.

TIP: Make sure to add your e-Store web address in your profile description & each pin related to your business so those who view either will know where to go to for your business. 

To make sharing images to your Pinterest page easy, download the Chrome extension onto your toolbar. Just like with the Buffer extension, this will allow you to share images easily as you go about your day.

TIP: When sharing Avon products, choose the Pinterest icon on the product page so when customers click on the image they will be directed right to your e-store.

 Image result for pinterestWith Pinterest pins, it is important to give a brief description. People normally pin an image if they like the way it looks, but by adding a short description, this can help them know what they can use it for & know where to go if it’s a product or recruiting image.

TIP: Use generalized hashtags in the pins description to bring attention to your pin like #skincare, #earnmoney, #Avon or #manicure. When people are searching something & your hash tag is apart of their search, your pin will more likely be brought up in their results.

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With the tons of social media networks out there, it can be time consuming to share your business in all of them. With these social media tools, I have been able to minimize the time & work it takes to share my business on multiple social media networks.

Avon Social Media Center

Image result for AVON social media center

One of the many tools Avon offers to their representatives is a free Social Media CenterThere you will find a variety of posts, images, videos & more that you can share on your favorite social media platform. In using the Social Media Center, you have a simple way to share your business with just a few clicks. All posts from your Social Media Center will automatically link to your personal e-Store.

Want to learn how well your post did? You can check out the statistics on how many people viewed & clicked your post! The Avon Social Media Center is a useful and easy to use tool to help you share your Avon business on your favorite social media.

Like to decorate your social media pages with Avon images? Click on “Essentials” & download your favorite image(s) to your device. It will automatically be the right size for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ coverpage.


Tip: Let everyone know on Facebook that you are an Avon Representative by adding the Avon banner to your profile picture.

  1.  Go to “My SMC” in the Social Media Center on youravon.com.
  2. Click on the pencil next to your name.
  3. Upload your profile pic from your device or Facebook then click on Edit Badge.
  4. Click on the badge you’d like to use & then click save.
  5. Once it is saved, download your Avon banner photo.

Now it’s all set to upload as your profile picture. Now every time you like or comment on a post, everyone who sees it knows you are an Avon Representative!

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  1. Log in to youravon.com
  2.  Click on Web Office
  3. Click on Social Media Center Icon
  4. Choose the image or video you would like to use
  5. Click on the social media icon you’d like to share it on.
  6. If not all ready completed, log in to your social media account. (Once you have signed in once you will not have to do it again)
  7. Add a personal message or you can use the Avon created message.
  8. Click Share
  9. To check stastics, click on “My SMC”.

Tip: Download the Avon Social Media Center App on your mobile device. Waiting in line? On vacation? Share your business online or via text message everywhere you go just as if you were at home!

To learn more about what you can do on your personal youravon.com account to help you manage your online business, check out Avon Selling Tips: Using Avon Web Office for Online Business

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Image result for buffer

“Buffer is an online & app software that provides a way for users to schedule posts to their social media pages”. (Buffer on Wikipedia, 2017)  I came across Buffer from a YouTube video by top Avon Representative, Emily SeagrenBuffer allows you to create your posts ahead of time and  will be automatically post based on the date & time you schedule the post. You are able to create your own schedule or you can use the Optimal Schedule Tool, which provide you a recommended schedule that would reach the highest amount of people.

TIP: Download the Chrome extension on your toolbar with your laptop or desktop Chrome internet. This allows you to share images you come across online without even leaving the page! On the bottom right corner of the image a blue “Share Image” icon will pop up. Click on that & a box will pop up for you to add a personal message & choose what social media accounts you’d like to share it with. 

Another great thing about Buffer is they will track each post’s likes, comments, clicks & shares. This information can be helpful in determining what type of posts work best for your audience on each social media network. Each week you will also receive an email report highlighting your most popular posts.

Image result for buffer

I currently am using the free version & I registered my Facebook business page, InstagramTwitter, LinkedIn & Google+ to my Buffer account. Ever since I started, my online business has grown & most importantly it has minimized the time I spend on social media advertisement. Plus, with the Buffer Chrome Extension, I am able to keep my Buffer account full by sharing a variety of images & information about my business with images, videos, blogs & more that I come across as I go about my day.

If you’d like to start your own Buffer account or learn more about it, you can download the app on your mobile device or you can go online at  www.buffer.com. You can choose to upgrade your account for a small fee. This will give you more room to save posts, add more social media accounts & more.

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Image result for advertise social media

Social Media is a great tool to use to grow your online business. The most important thing to remember when running an online business is that it takes time to start building an audience. The more followers you get on your social media pages, the higher you will show up on search engines. So keep sharing your e-Store & the Avon Opportunity. Remember, the more consistent you are the quicker it will build up.

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You can become an Avon representative by joining at www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes.

At that time you will be able to choose from 3 starter kits starting at $25. Each kit will have everything you need to start your very own Avon businessincluding brochures, full size products, samples, recruiting information & more. You can learn how to use your chosen starter kit to start a successful Avon business at 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips.

Be your best with the best join avon now banner

To learn more about starting your own Avon business, check out Sell Avon: How to Start & 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips.

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Join my Avon team and have access to more tips & tricks on how you can create, build & maintain a successful Avon business. Make sure to follow my blog for more tips & training to help you grow your Avon business.

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