October 17, 2016 is National Boss Day. All across America, Avon Representatives are coming together and celebrating the fact that they have taking control & became their own boss.

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Avon New Campaign: This is #BossLife


For over 130 years, Avon has provided an opportunity for women & men to earn their own money & take control of their lives. In doing so, Avon has helped empower their Avon Representatives by providing them an opportunity for financial independence, the flexibility to work their business around their schedule and the freedom to choose how to run their own Avon business.

Early October, 2016 Avon launched a new advertising campaign “This is Boss Life” that was designed to show how Avon has provided a variety of people the opportunity to better their lives and help them reach their goals. Avon chose to use real life Avon Representatives & their stories to demonstrate this, such as:

  • Georgina Haynes: Became an Avon Representative over 10 years ago who paid off her college loans with the money she earned selling Avon. She is now a “full time architectural designer, part time Beauty Boss”.
  • Lydia Osolinsky: Grew up with a mom who was an Avon Representative and once she became a  mother of two girls she decided to join Avon to be able to stay home with them & not have to sacrifice family time for her career.
  • Milagros & Carlos Garcia: Created a family business as Avon Representatives that has given them the opportunity to grow their business together.

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My Boss Life

The number one reason why I love being an Avon Representative is that I am given the opportunity to earn money while I am still able to be home with my kids.

I am able to work my business around my kids school & after school activities and not have to worry about missing a concert or game. If one of my kids becomes sick, I am able to take care of him while still work at home. The end of October, I gave birth to baby boy #5. I don’t have to struggle returning to work because I am able to work my business & stay home with my newborn.


When I made the decision to become an Avon Representative, I did it for my family. Now, I choose to continue to be an Avon Representative because of the confidence I gained about myself. I am able to use many of my strengths on a regular basis like my friendly personality and creativity. However, I do have struggles that I work through on a regular basis. I am a shy person & tend to be reserved, but being an Avon Representative has encouraged me to overcome them little by little. Since I’ve become an Avon Representative, I have grown more confident in approaching people & more open to let people get to know me.

Not only am I becoming a better person, but I am able to show my children that you can overcome obstacles & you don’t have to let your fears & weaknesses stop you from reaching your goals.

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Joining Avon Boss Life


Making the decision to start your own business is one that should not be taken lightly. Just like any business venture, you most be willing to put the work into it if you want to succeed. What makes Avon different is that you are not in it alone. Avon provides you the tools, training & support to help you reach your goals & be successful. Avon Sisterhood is one that I am proud of. You can find a variety of Avon Representatives in your community & online who are there to help you succeed.

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 What to Expect When You Enroll:

When you enroll as an Avon Representative, you will be given three choices of a starter kit that will help you get your business started. You should choose one that will best meet your needs & you can financially afford. You will be able to take a short quiz which will help you decide what kit is best for you. But it is ultimately your choice!




Tools in Starter Kits:

  • Getting Started Booklet: This is a workbook to help you get started with your business by going through step by step on creating a plan to reach your goals & how to start on your path of success
  • Recruiting Booklets: Informational booklets you can give to those who are interested in becoming an Avon Representative.
  • What’s New: As an Avon Representative, you are able to preview new products, sales & promotional offers to help you plan upcoming campaigns. To help you be ready, you can purchase products at demo or discounted prices to help you make more money! When you receive an order, you will receive a What’s New that will be +3 campaigns & you can start ordering what you will need +2 campaigns.
  • Avon Living : 4 times a year, Avon releases a new Avon Living magalog for that season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday). You will find a variety of products to sell such as home decor, gardening, cookware, Avon Kids & more. This just shows you that Avon is more then just make up & skin care!
  • mark. Magalog: mark. is a trendier style of fashion, jewelry & make up that tends to get the attention to more of the younger clientele.
  • Daily Care Flyer: This is a flyer regarding a product bundle that only New Representatives can offer their customers in their first 7 campaigns. Sharing this bundle package is a great way to help you get your foot in the door with new customers!
  • Order Book: When a customer places an order, you are able to use this book to write it down & have copies for yourself & your customer. This will help keep you on track with what needs to be ordered & once you receive your order, to sort the orders for each customer.
  • Delivery Bags: These are what you will use to sort your customers’ orders & deliver them. You can order more delivery bags at youravon.com when you place your order. They come as a popcorn bag or shopping bag in various sizes starting at $1.25.

You can learn how to use your Starter Kit to start a successful business at 2017 Avon Starter Kit Tips. 

Once you have enrolled, you will have a few days to prepare your business by completing the Getting Started Booklet & registering on youravon.com.  At that time, you will also be able to set up your e-Store.  You can, then, begin sharing your website on your social media. You will be contacted during this time by a mentor who will go over how to start your Avon business & be someone you can go to when you have any questions or concerns.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about how to start selling Avon

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What You Can Earn With New Representative Incentive Kickstart

Right now Avon is offering a way for New Representatives to not only earn money but also a chance to see their potential & what they can achieve within 90 days with the Kickstart Program.

There are 3 components a New Representative can meet that can have them earn up to $1000 in 90 days:

1.New Representatives can earn 40% on ALL PRODUCT SALES (brochure, online & fixed  earnings products) when they achieve sales goals in each of their first 7 campaigns.


Sales Goal



Any Size Order 40% of Order
2 $150



$200 $80


$250 $100




6 $350


7 $400


2.A $50 bonus for each Kickstart recruit a New Representative enrolls during their 1st 7 campaigns that places a $150 1st order within 30 days of enrollment.

3.When a New Representative meets all 7 campaign sales goals & enrolls 3 New Representatives who place a qualifying order they will receive a $200 bonus.


To learn more about Avon Kickstart Program & how it will help you create a successful business, check out Avon Kickstart Program for New Representatives.

Click here to join Avon with Reference Code: jantunes

How to Enroll:

So, you’ve decided to take the next step & become an Avon Representative. Now how do you do it? It’s easy!

SIGN UP ONLINE: www.startavon.com with Reference Code: jantunes

Do you have questions, concerns or need help with signing up? Email me at avonantunes@gmail.com or comment below.

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